We listened to your feedback and released an updated site this week. Overall the site is a bit prettier, but there are some good features to highlight:

  1. You can now download our plugins with one click from the homepage. Find and request open research right away when hitting a paywall without opening another window.
  2. We revised the website’s search pages to look and operate like the plugin:

3. Sign up is easier with fewer fields and an improved login system. You only need to create an account to make requests.

4. The requests page has been greatly enhanced. Not only is the cleaner look easier to navigate, but you can now filter by journal, search by email, and find requests by keyword.

During the past few months we’ve expanded the Button’s search capabilities — you can currently search by URL, DOI, PMID, and PMC ID and we’re working on title and citation search.

We’re constantly improving the Button and releasing updates often. Let us know what you think and what features you want next! Comment, tweet to @OA_Button, or email hello@openaccessbutton.org.